Sneha Ullal – Breaking New Boundaries

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This has been an exciting and action-packed year for the Lucky girl Sneha Ullal. It started with the English-language film Gandhi Park and then progressed with Kaashh….Mere Hote, Ullasamga Uthsahanga, a guest appearance in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Ennai Theriyuma, and will finish with Click. Movies made in four different languages altogether.

Omani-born Sneha is said to have crossed one or two lines in terms of exposing for Ennai Theriyuma, which releases in October and also stars Manoj and Riya Sen. However, there are some lines that she will never cross. “I will never kiss on screen,” she says, “I will leave the film industry but I will never kiss. There should be something at least that you reserve for your husband. If you do everything on screen with your co-star then what is left?”

Kannada actor Ganesh is hoping to sign up Sneha for the Kannada remake of Ullasamga Uthsahanga. He was impressed with her performance in the Tollywood original. Sneha is perfectly happy to be seen as a Tollywood actress and has no major ambitions to travel north. “If everything goes well, and if the people of Andhra Pradesh like my performances, I wish to have a long-lasting innings in the Telugu film industry, rather than in Mumbai or in Los Angeles,” she says.

Sneha is a committed supporter of animal charities. “There is one thing that always focuses my attention,” she says, “I can’t tolerate any cruelty to animals, birds or any living creature. I have taken a vow to spread vegetarianism as far as I can. If I get sufficient money, I will start a hospital for animals. I love them like I love human beings. Everybody is equal in the eyes of God.”

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