Sohail Calls Vivek

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When Sohail Khan spotted his brother’s arch enemy Vivek Oberoi in the corner of Ramesh Taurani’s party, he knew he had to call him out and take public revenge for the hoopla created by Oberoi back in the day regarding Aishwarya Rai. Upon seeing Vivek “sipping on a drink” he went ahead and called out to him, “Oye, Vivek!” A stunned Vivek Oberoi slowly proceeded to walk towards Sohail who then looked away and called a waiter using Vivek’s name, “Oye, Vivek, zaraa idhar aana.” Khan was being sly as he coyly referred to Vivek’s popular song “Ganpat Chal Dhaaru La,” when calling the waiter who was serving drinks all around.

A clearly flushed Vivek Oberoi is said to have been extremely “humiliated” and walked away from Sohail and realized he had been made fun of. A friend close to Sohail went on to say, “Vivek’s face was a sight to see!”

Clearly all is still not well on the Salman-Vivek front and this all dating back to 2003 when the latter called a press conference to let the media know that apparently Salman Khan had called and harassed Vivek regarding his relationship with Salman’s ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai.

Vivek will next be seen in Prince and Qurbaan.

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