Sonam and Abhay Take on Delhi

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Sonam Kapoor may yet be looking for a hit film to add to her bag of flops, but that doesn’t stop the actress from signing any films. Her most recent bag is her father’s film Aisha is inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma. Shooting for the film in Delhi with the Kapoor girl is none other than Abhay Deol along with her personal trainer, sister Rhea – the producer of the film and mom Sunita. Dad Anil Kapoor is shooting in the U.S. and is expected to join his family in a week.

Filming for the film has begun and according to sources hoards of fans have flocked to the various locations making it hard for shooting to commence. At one point, Abhay had to ask the crowd to keep it down so they could can the shot.

Sources also claim that while Sonam will be playing Emma, Abhay will be playing Mr. Knightley. Her reason for selecting the 19th century book, “South Delhi’s high society is just like that of Jane Austen’s England. After all, Delhi girls are forever obsessed with getting the right man, right family and right wedding clothes for their marriage”. Her name will be Aisha Kapoor in the film.

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