Sonam Kapoor in a bikini?

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Sonam Kapoor recently confirmed her commitment to authenticity when she had no qualms about wearing a bikini in her movie I Hate Love Stories opposite Imran Khan: “I wear it in real life just as I have worn angarkhas, salwar-kameez, bandana, jeans, skirts, gunjee — whatever it takes,” she said. “If the character I play is on the beach — the correct gear would have to be a bikini.”

Sonam, who was educated at the University of East London in the UK, has two other interesting movies lined up for production. The first is Ayesha, a Bollywood take on Jane Austen’s Emma, and the second is a comedy Come On Pappu, opposite Akshay Kumar, currently riding high once again following the 100cr+ success of Kambakkht Ishq.

Sonam has been talking freely about how she sees the role of Ayesha: “She is the Indianised version of Jane Austen’s character, as you know already,” she explained. “Ayesha is a motherless girl who has taken care of the family. She wants to be in control – she likes everything to be perfect. She’s smart and perceptive. Like me, Ayesha definitely feels that marriage is not a merger. I am a romantic too, so I too feel marriages should not be arranged, but since I also know that my parents love me so selflessly, I will be smart about bringing home someone whom I love and of whom I know they will approve. I will have to do a balancing act.”

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