Sonu Demands a Heroine!

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Normally, when an actor gets the sort of acclaim and popularity that Sonu Sood received after Dabangg, you’d expect him to bring out the most complex of demands about scripts he’ll say yes to. However, our Sonu keeps it rather simple and real. He wants a heroine.

That’s right, the Dabangg star has had enough of being the evil guy without a lady by his side whilst the rest of Bollywood continues to charm their way into ladies’ hearts. In a recent interview with a news outlet, Sonu said that the condition he’s applying for his availability is presence of a heroine.

One recalls that Sonu made quite the charming lady killer in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, in which he got cast as the ideal hero of the Rajshri production house, Prem. So there’s no reason why he has to remain evil or single onscreen!

Directors are you listening? We demand more Sonu and this is what our Sonu demands, so get busy casting your ladies before you approach him!

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