Sonu, Mika, Shaan ditch their singing styles for ‘Baa Baaa Black Sheep’!

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Shaan is all set to debut as a music composer. The singer, with his group Superbia, is composing for Vishwas Paandya’s directorial debut Baa Baaa Black Sheep starring Manish Paul. And in his debut film itself, as a music composer, Shaan is promising to make it an out-of-the-box experience not only for fans and music-lovers, but for the singers too.

So, not only has the group – consisting of Shaan, Roshin and Gourov Dasgupta – managed a coup of sorts by getting some of the leading names in the industry, including Sonu Niigam, Mika and Shaan himself to lend their voices to the film’s soundtrack, but all the three singers have recorded numbers in styles that one is not accustomed to hear from them.

So, while Sonu known for his soulful romantic numbers has recorded a racy, peppy track for the film, Mika has ditched his own fast numbers to sing a soft romantic ballad.

Confirming this Shaan says, “Yes, we do have Sonu and Mika singing in very different styles than they are known for.” But the biggest leap of faith has been for Shaan himself, who has sung a folk number. “The entire idea was to break the mould, bring a freshness to the whole approach and not tread the beaten path. So, all of us are singing songs that one would not really expect from us, given the kind of styles we are known for,” adds the singer-turned-composer.

As for experimenting as music-composers in their debut itself, Shaan shares that while it’s an experiment, it isn’t a risky one at all. “All of them have gone that extra mile and the kind of love and passion Sonu and Mika have put into their songs doesn’t leave room for any doubt at all.”

Director Vishwas adds, “We have broken the current trend of multiple composers, Superbia is composing the entire score. It was an interesting experiment and the result has been fabulous.”



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