Sonu Nigam Gets A Surprise

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Sonu Nigam got a big surprise at his concert on Sunday at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai, when a fan so moved by his voice decided that she was not close enough and jumped up on the stage. She not only jumped up on the stage she actually hugged him and kissed him on the cheek!

The song that got the hysterical fan to rush the stage was ‘Just Chill’ and though Sonu tried to push her away, she was just latched on too tight and security had to step in. Visibly embarrassed, Sonu also was left with a scratch on his neck.

Sonu said about the incident, “When I am on stage, I am a public property, so I have nothing to say.”

Adding, “Yeh koi haadsa nahin tha. Things like these happen. I have no issues…I enjoyed it.”

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