Sonu Nigam Hospitalized

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Our beloved singer, Sonu Nigam, who’s given us several classics in recent times including the breath taking ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ is in need for some prayers for a speedy recovery.

The noted singer has been hospitalized due to low blood pressure, fatigue and minor slip disc. His publicist gave an official statement to the media speaking about this condition, “Sonu has been advised complete bed rest for the next few days for treatment of low blood pressure, fatigue and minor slip disc. He is also suffering from tennis elbow in both his arms and is currently undergoing treatment for that as well.”

Sonu has been leading quite a hectic schedule shuttling between US and India in addition to travels for his show. Now he is highly concerned about scheduled shows in Singapore and Israel and is resting well so that recovery does not get in the way of these shows.

Its been another great year for the acclaimed singer – having worked with international pop icon Kylie Minogue as well as delivering several hits as expected of him including the recent chart-topper ‘All Iz Well’ from 3 Idiots. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery so all those lucky fans in Singapore and Israel don’t miss out on him!

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