Sophie Choudhary & Her 6 Different Roles

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This woman has literally seen all arenas of entertainment in such a short time. From dancing, to singing, to television, films and now theatre. Sophie Chaudhary is all set to appear in a play titled ‘1-800 Dial India’ in which she is playing not 1 or 2 roles but six separate roles! And if you thought her variety of roles off-screen was many wait till you hear the versatility of her characters in this play, they range from playing a 13 yr old to a nun!

Speaking to Mid-Day the actress said that she was absolutely thrilled to be apart of theatre at last and especially when working in conjunction with such a talented crew. Coming to the role the actress said that they’re all absolutely unrelated in the story line and this provided a greater challenge as she is required to go from so many range of emotions in a short span of time.

Coming to her experience on stage and a live audience for the first time the actress said that the way theatre functions has enabled her to be more of a thinking actress and respond efficiently to the actors around her requiring her to forever be on her toes with her performance. Despite the what the challenge may be she’s absolutely loving it!

‘1-800 Dial India’ comes alive on stage July the 5th and is a satirical comedy about suicide hotlines outsourced from US to India. Written by the writer of films like Loins of Punjab and The President is Coming, Anuvab Pal and along with a great cast there is Kunal Roy Kapur who’ll soon debut on screen with Delhy Belly.

Well be sure to catch this excited adventure when it comes travelling to your city as it sure promises a show of great surprises!

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