Sorry Bhai!

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After the nationally acclaimed My Brother Nikhil and the critically acclaimed Bas Ek Pal, tag team Onir and Sanjay Suri are back in action, only this time on a much lighter note. While the prior two movie were based on more serious topics, Sorry Bhai! is a romantic comedy which includes the likes of Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh, Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani. Did Onir manage to create magic again? Did the parallel cinema troop manage to do a 360 with this funny flick?

Sorry Bhai! tells the story of a close-knit urban Indian family. They manage to get themselves into a messy love triangle, which tears them apart and yet it also brings them back together closer than ever. The saying goes “Two’s a company, three’s a crowd,” and it really does apply to the storyline quite fittingly. Meet Siddharth Mathur (Sharman Joshi) a scientist who wants to make a wood dog fly (yeah, he’s one of those physio-paranormal ones). He is son to serial-television-inspired mom Shabana Azmi and funny-man Boman Irani. Additionally, he is brother to cool-Mauritius-residing older brother Harsh Mathur (Sanjay Suri) who when they need to get a job done swear on their mom (Maa Kasam being the exact filmi phrase used). So there you have the Mathur clan. One sunny day, they are informed that Harsh aka Harry has decided to take the martial plunge to beautiful Aaliyah (Chitrangada Singh) despite his hectic business schedule. Mom Mathur is not happy with the sudden decision but is then forced to go and drags herself to Mauritius at her son’s insistence. However, because of his busy schedule Harry leaves Aaliyah to entertain Sidd and then begins an attraction that is eventually found out by the family and causes quite a few drama-ful scenes. Without giving away the ending, this one has an interesting climax making you smile ultimately.

The movie relies solely on its great cast and crew which collectively make the movie go from okay to good. The script is simple and ultimately even believable. Some instances have been shot with great sensibility and sensitivity along with a dash of humor. Some scenes to watch out for include all the scenes which include Shabana and Chitrangada. The duo are a riot, especially Shabana who enacts the protective mother of two sons, who is not satisfied with her sons choice, to the T and she makes you realize that she really is an actor par excellence in any role. Additionally, the chemistry between Joshi and Singh often made me wonder if they were really in love. Azmi and Irani also have some great chemistry and they sizzle on screen together as they play a middle aged couple who are still in love. The songs are few and very okay with Mere Khuda being the only visually appealing one.

However, the movie does have some flaws. Joshi’s character is made out to be cheesy in many instances. The scientist walks around talking about everything having life (yawn) and how he wants to make his dog fly (double yawn). Then we have the brothers use cheesier lines like “Maa Kasam” and then overused one liner used throughout the movie “kutta uda kya?” which eventually bores you.

The cast can take a bow before the curtains fall on this one. The movie solely rides on their back. Chitrangada Singh is impressive and one wonders why she ever disappeared after Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi but she has lived up to her hiatus. Sharman Joshi too is good as is Sanjay Suri. The soul of the movie lies with Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi who steal the script from the younger actors. Although the three have put their best foot forward, they still do not manage to match up to the veteran actors.

Onir can take a sticker for effort on this one. Clearly, he is trying to break away from the stereotype that is associated with him, his direction and films. While family drama and romance may not be his strength, he still manages to make a movie which is modern yet traditional and fitting with the today’s urban lifestyle. Sorry Bhai! is a must see and a must buy DVD if only for Shabana and Boman.

Our Rating

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