SRK and Aamir Bond Over Sushi

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In case you were in London over the last week, you clearly were not in the right place if you didn’t see Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan at a local Japanese eat out. A.K. in the vicinity just before he runs over to Los Angeles, New York and Dubai promoting Peepli Live while SRK is shooting for RA One. And where there is SRK, there is also Karan Johar who came down to see his buddy and work on his next script.

The stars found time to get together however, and actually eat a meal. While Aamir graciously asked all of them to catch a screening of Peepli Live, SRK took a miss as he had to shoot. Karan and Gauri on the other hand did manage to watch the film. It was after the screening that SRK caught up with the rest of the gang and they all decided to catch a meal together. On lookers claim the duo were making merry and having a blast. “There were some jokes being cracked over which SRK and Aamir were laughing a lot. Gauri seemed to enjoy herself watching these guys cracking up,” said a fan who was at the restaurant.

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