Sushmita Becomes a Mommy Again!

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She’s by far our favorite Miss Universe! Why, you ask? Well she’s gorgeous for one, has an immaculate sense of humor, is such a versatile actress and is an absolute diva both on and off screen. Yes, Sushmita Sen is the woman we’re praising and raving about today! She’s not one to leave a mark in terms of big hits and critical acclaim but whenever she comes onscreen she makes it a memorable experience whether it’s the sultry Rupali in David Dhawan’s Biwi No 1 or the mesmirising Chandani in Main Hoon Naa. What’s more is that this lady’s off-screen adventures say more about her than any of her onscreen roles. Be it her care-free attitude towards life and love, her independence or her endearing motherly nature. Today we’re celebrating the very last trait on that much compacted list as she once again becomes a mom.

In 1999, Sushmita first welcomed motherhood into her life when she adopted her first daughter Renee, and now after 10 years the actress hankered for the joy of being a mother to another child. She has welcomed into her family baby Alisah who is only 3 months old. Alishah is one cheerful baby the actress claims and is giving her no trouble at night, which most mum’s aren’t lucky enough to say! In the spirit of her nature she was named Alisah which means joyful in Greek. Sushmita thought since this baby is such a happy lil’ angel there could be no better name.

One has to wonder how older sister Renee is taking on this news but it seems Renee is loving life with a sister and insisted that Alisah be in her room. However, mummy Sushmita still went all out and decorated a brand new room for Alisah with toys and clothes which she has been apparently been shopping for quite some time now.

The actress has led life on her own terms and this big step is no different. In actuality, the High Court’s ruling gave Sush quite a bit of grief because they were not permitting her to adopt a 2nd daughter as she already had one, but like everything in her life she stuck to what she believed in and what she truly wanted. Eventually, it all fell into place. There’s truly not much this lady cannot attain!

Here’s wishing Sushmita and her beautiful all girls family all the joy and happiness!

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