Taaha Shah was itching in his pants to act

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The character of Luv was a tough bit of casting. One of the most difficult parts to cast for this film because of his character graph. It would move from being this really cool dude to this insensitive guy to this clown who gets bajaoed to this extremely evil guy. Phew! We needed someone who was very good looking but was not conscious of his looks. It’s always nice to see someone with good looks getting bajaoed. Hence the audition was an on-the-spot improvisation, where he had to act like this rich arrogant guy who takes a really hot girl to a very expensive restaurant. So there he is being a showoff when suddenly, his pants catch fire. Taaha had to play out what happened next. And it turned out to be hysterical. We found our man. It was a bonus that he was a very good dancer and a trained Wu Shu martial artist. Both these skills are visible in the Mutton song where he wore a ghagra choli and grooved to some awesome moves, doing 6 feet high jumps.

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