Tanushree Dutta – Feeling Touchy

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Desirable Tanushree Dutta recently fell out with Nana Patekar on the set of the comedy Horn OK Pleeaasssse! claiming indecent behaviour on his part. It’s even rumoured she filed a police complaint. “Nana Patekar’s like my grandfather’s age,” she said. “Has he had a hard look at himself before even trying to act fresh with me?” She went on to add, “Nana Patekar would try to teach me how to dance…And I was like, ‘buffoon, you’re 60 years old and one leg in the grave, do you even know how to dance?”

Nana Patekar has also recently been criticised for his support of sectarian politician Raj Thackeray and his anti-migration policies.

Meanwhile, the outspoken Tanushree appears to have teamed up with Koena Mitra, who appeared in the best forgotten Cash — what they have in common is a love of dogs. Tanushree has a new shitzu, whilst Koena has five dogs of her own. They take them to be regularly groomed and buy them appropriate accessories.

Tanushree was recently in Delhi and liked what she saw. “I have come to Delhi after a very long time but I must say that the capital has changed for the better. There is a lot of greenery in the city that one doesn’t get to see in Mumbai,” she said.

Sporting a new short, curly hairstyle, Tanushree added, “For a very long time I had been thinking of changing my look and thought that summer is just the right time to get a short hairdo. I was a little apprehensive about what my friends and family would think but was pleasantly surprised when everyone complimented me on the look. and I am loving it too.”

Tanushree was Miss India in 2004 and will soon be seen in Saas Bahu Aur Sensex, the first Warner Bros funded movie in India.

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