Tashan director talks about the film’s failure

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Before the film released, director Vijay Krishna Acharya who wrote the Dhoom series for Yash Raj Films kept extremely mum. Finally, after the film has released to bad reports and collections, he speaks up.

Firstly, he refutes the fact that Tashan hasn’t worked with the masses. “I have seen the film in 12 different places. I have found the audiences reaction to be pretty good,” he says. Explaining why Tashan may not have impressed critics, he defends, “Tashan doesn’t follow a set formula–the narrative style. The film is for the masses. I had hoped that probably the sharper brains would also like it. But I was wrong.”

Many are wondering why the film wasn’t promoted to its full extent. Victor, as he is fondly called, explains the promotion strategy, “We were underplaying the film for sure. We had a lot of confidence that the film would do well. We thought if we hyped the film, the expectations would be huge.” Unfortunately, we hate to break it to him, but expectations were huge anyway!

Speaking on the no-show of the film at multiplexes, he states, “The figures are still to come in. Let’s just wait a little more before we say that the film has done miserably.” And finally, is he discouraged? “Not at all. I will continue making films that do not follow the set pattern of filmmaking,” he signs off positively.

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