Tees Maar Khan team at Feltham Cineworld

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The height of Bollywood glitterati reached the UK shores on Wednesday 15th December 2010 as A-Listers Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Farah Khan descended in London for a series of media meets and fan interactions for Tees Maar Khan.

Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan started their day with media interactions. Katrina Kaif arrived later during press interviews as she had to travel from Dubai to London for the promotions. After many hours of continuous interview sessions the trio went to the BBC TV Centre where they had a “Raj and Pablo in conversation with… “. The Tees Maar Khan team answered many questions from the 300 people audience and also revealed many secrets e.g. Katrina Kaif was considered for Rakhi Sawant’s role in her debut film Main Hoon Na. Many fans were also turned down to enter the show because they were ‘Houseful’.

They also went LIVE on air at the BBC Asian Network on the Gagan Grewal show. But the biggest event of all, which all were looking forward to was the ‘Ticket Maar Khan’ event at Cineworld, Feltham. Cineworld in Feltham is famous for Bollywood star appearances. Earlier this year Aamir Khan made an appearance for Peepli Live. Love Story 2050 and Krrish also premiered at Cineworld Feltham.

Hundreds of Bollywood fans stood in the cold outside to see the stars enter the famous cinema in West London. Even many more were inside the cinema where they could see their favourite stars up close like never before. Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Farah Khan were at the cinema to launch the preview tickets of their upcoming film which releases on the 22 December 2010. After answering interacting with fans and the media, the stars went into the ticket booth to sell 20 tickets of Tees Maar Khan.

Screaming fans made it impossible for the stars to start the event because everyone inside the large cinema hall wanted to see a glimpse of them. Superstar Akshay Kumar then did the unthinkable. Without asking anyone or caring about his safety and clothes he climbed up on a thin beam above the ticket booth. He tried to talk to the fans over a microphone but they were too loud. Although everyone around him was worried about his safety, he showed off his Khiladi side by standing way above his fans after clambering on the narrow thin beam. He threw Tees Maar Khan Audio CD’s into the crowds which made the crowd cheer louder than before.

Eventually, the trio started selling tickets for the preview of Tees Maar Khan. They also happily posed for pictures with fans, signed autographs and spoke to their fans while doing so. Director Farah Khan was happily smiling after the amazing welcome her film received in London. Katrina Kaif was also featured in the London Evening Standard newspaper where they announced her appearance at Cineworld, which surely did gather crowds from all over London.

London fans surely had a ‘Happy ending’ even before watching Tees Maar Khan.

Check out the exclusive video and pictures from the event.

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