Tejashree’s Star Begins to Glow

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Tejashree who has made a number of cameo appearances and taken a few small roles finally gets her big chance in Brahmadeva, a Kollywood movie directed by Dharmalinga.

Tejashree is a trained kathak dancer with her own unique style and has played in previous movies such as Madhurey, Ottran and Arya, slowly working her way up from hot item numbers to secondary roles and now leads.

Does she regret starting out in item numbers? “I have no regrets dong item numbers. You know, ‘Ottran‘ is still the best film to me. I am comfortable with glamour tag and being termed as an item number specialist. After all, I am where I am now because of these small roles. Now, I want to do various roles and prove to the world that I am more than a glamour doll.”

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