Tension Between Director and Producer of Kites

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Anurag Basu, director of forthcoming Hrithik Roshan vehicle Kites, has admitted there were difficulties working with producer Rakesh Roshan on the project, stemming from strong differences in opinion on how the film should be shot.

“I wouldn’t call them creative differences. Because we were both creating the same film and moving in the same direction. But yes, Rakeshji’s vision of cinema is quite different from mine…Rakeshji was not just the producer of Kites. He’s also a very big director with a vast experience as filmmaker behind him. He naturally had very strong opinions on how the film should be shot. It’s all fine now. Over and done with. I just hope all the hard work is worth the effort,” Basu said.

Tension and arguments between Basu and Roshan reportedly reached such a level that Basu was relieved from all editing responsibilities, with the film ultimately being given to Hollywood director Brett Ratner for editing.

Basu’s name is notably absent from all of Kites’s promotional material, with Basu now referring to his involvement with the film as that of ‘just a technician’.

“I’m just a technician on the film, just like the cinematographer or editor. I know as much as any one else who has worked on ‘Kites’. But I’ve heard the film is being released on May 14 or May 21, I don’t know which date it actually is. But I’m happy it’s finally being released,” he said.

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