Tere Bin Laden

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Tere Bin Laden was yet another film that was banned in a Muslim country. In this case, it was Pakistan. And this wasn’t because of the content but because of the title. When we first heard Osama Bin Laden’s name in the year 2000, we were filled with fear and anger. However, over the years, the tension has calmed down. Now his name is associated with jokes and humor. The number of stand up comedians that swear that his name manages to bag huge audiences because they base a number of their routines on Laden, are numerous. Tere Bin Laden is the brainchild of Abhishek Sharma. The writer-director thought it would be incredibly smart to make a satirical comedy based on a man who is popular and of course, wanted. He quickly bagged the very cute Ali Zafar and a number of fabulous supporting actors; he came up with a quirky title and an even more fun script. You will laugh; this is a BollySpice guarantee.

Despite several attempts to gain a U.S. visa, Ali (Ali Zafar) realizes that the only way for him to get to get to the Americas is to find an alternative way. The Pakistani television reporter finds that idea when he comes upon a chicken farmer who bears an uncanny resemblance to Osama Bin Laden. He rounds up his friends and quickly they turn the farmer Noora (Pradhuman Singh), into Laden. They record messages and sell them to a number of television stations who are willing to do anything for these videos. However, what begins as pure fun soon becomes national news as the U.S. send down an agent to trace Laden.

While watching the film, one or all of the following will happen: 1) you will cry with humor, 2) laugh until your stomach hurts or 3) all of the above. I basically hit a number 3 until I nearly fell off my seat. Yes, Tere Bin Laden is that funny. What works for the film is that it is a simple story which is not mindless. The script doesn’t try too hard but instead is actually honest. The script isn’t afraid to make fun of the Americans, the nonstop wars and even other Al Qaeda related groups. The dialogues are hilarious and literally bring the house down with the number of awesomely written one liners and situations. I assure you, you’re stomach will hurt when you see Osama doing some insanely ridiculous yet normal things. The script is great fun which is supported by an even better cast.

Ali Zafar is a find. The singer-actor does a beyond apt job of playing the America hungry reporter who is willing to do literally anything to fulfill his dreams. The sequences between him and Pradhuman Singh, who depicts main man Bin Laden, are tremendously entertaining. Tere Bin Laden is not your usual fun film which we are used to seeing Akshay Kumar and the likes perform. The film harbors on being incredibly funny and totally politically incorrect. The reason it works is because Sharma is clearly not afraid of breaking out of the boring mould. He steps away from what usually works and does something so different, you can see the difference. The dialogues are vulgar and sometimes out of line but that is why the film and script works. It is not afraid to be different.

However, the film is not made with much flair; it is very simple in its execution. There are no fancy camera tricks or overly glamorized sequences. What you see is what you get with Tere Bin Laden but believe me, it is enough to keep you glued to your seat. Watch it for the fun it pokes at a number of serious issues that we normally feel are taboo. Tere Bin Laden is a film that is fearless enough to take on those issues, add the fun spin and make you go ha-ha-hee-hee!

Our Rating

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