Teree Sang

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Indian cinema continues to experiment with bolder subjects and in this list of films comes another by ace comedian and director Satish Kaushik whose yet to give us a hit since Tere Naam and Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai. Tere Sang has been in the making for quite some time and now aims to release this August at last! With the theme of teen pregnancy in mind and a pledge by the makers that it is not Hindi Juno we now anticipate the project even more upon the music release. Composer duo of Jigar-Sachin who are fairly new to the industry make quite an impact with five tracks and are later joined in the album by composers Anu Malik and Bappi Lehri who’ve composed two tracks each. The album is youthful overall keeping in sync with the film’s script and has quite a number of unique tracks to offer.

It all kicks off with a great uplifting number I’ll Be There For You. The title itself is self-explanatory and gives you an insight into the feel of the song. The composition is soft and melodious with the highlight being great acoustic guitars and soothing choruses. Clinton and Dominique Cerajo have impressed in the past in their tracks for Iqbal and Neel n Nikki and do the same with this number too. Definitely a great way to start the album as the track leaves you expecting much more from

From a soothing number we move onto a somewhat rock number with harmonious interludes titled More Saaiyaan which essentially is a love track sung by the composers themselves Jigar and Sachin. Voices are youthful and energetic and the highlight definitely has to be the great introduction of violins at the climax with soft tablas. The track definitely goes to show that music has no barriers as it combines a range of instruments and singing styles in a track that is essentially a rock number. Kudos to the composers for being so innovative!

Following ‘More Saaiyan’ is another number with a rock feel titled Maula Mila De. The lyrics essentially pleads to God to find someone to love and has been sung beautifully by Suhail who’s slowly making a mark in the industry and this number definitely is an addition to his great list of songs. Jigar and Sachin have carefully handpicked all their singers to ensure a great combination of voice and face on screen and this track remains to have the perfect combination. Gone are the days when you could fool audiences by featuring a Sonu Nigam track one minute and an Adnan track the next, expectations are higher and it’s great to see composers thinking outside the box.

In the trend of heartfelt vocals and romantic tracks comes the next number titled Rab Milya sung by Jigar himself. ‘Rab Milya’ is perhaps the most ‘desi’ track in the album in terms of background vocals and instruments, which is great to display the composers’ versatility. With a very catchy tune and lyrics you’ll be swaying to this one in no time.

If you though all is positive in this album than sadly the next track breaks this successful run. Bappi Lehri’s first composition for the album Miss Babloo, incidentally sung by him too, is simply a deal breaker after four great tracks. The album literally takes a turn for the worse and goes from classy and unique to below mediocre and noisy. Perhaps this would be the time to thank God that this track is merely 3 mins long. Definitely head toward the skip button on your remote!

Thankfully things brighten up a tad bit with Anu Malik’s track Chal Mera Haath Pakad sung by daughter Anmol Malik. Anmol has a young and vibrant voice, which went perfectly with the feel of the song. This track will be a favourite for all those who perhaps found the album a bit dim until now and perhaps wanted something a bit more hip and upbeat.

Jigar and Sachin return with another composition with their unique trademark in place for the track Leja Leja. The track is very Indian with soothing tablas and classical vocals given by Jhanvi and Salim. Definitely one of the highlights of the album that once again marks the versatility of the composer duo!

All good things sadly come to an end and unfortunately this is true for Tere Sang’s tracklist with Lal Quile being the next track after the impressive ‘Leja Leja’. The track composed by Anu Malik seems like a poor attempt to recreate Rahmen’s ‘Be A Rebel’ from Rang De Basanti and perhaps that is what makes it even more unbearable. Anu Malik’s rap simply worsens the situation and daughter Anmol Malik’s vocals do not impress this time around. Shaan is perhaps the only thing bearable about the track as his energetic voice does liven up the atmosphere but sadly too much in this track went wrong and even Shaan couldn’t save it.

After the horrendous Anu Malik track Bappi Lehri comes to the rescue with the last track of the album Tere Bin. This time around Bappi Lehri doesn’t disappoint and reminds you of the reasons why he’s regarded as a music maestro in the industry. The track is essentially a sad romantic track with a great melodise tune and rich vocals by Raza Hazan and Sumedha. With great electric guitars and drums the track is a great fusion of quite a western feel in terms of instruments and classical Indian styled vocals.

When you complete listening to the whole of Tere Sang you a left feeling that Indian music has definitely come very far. The album is unique and classy and the composers definitely ventured out of their comfort zone to be more creative and innovative. It is great to see that almost all numbers features singers who are fairly new to the industry. Change is always welcome and its great seeing makers not fearing change but embracing it. With the exception of two tracks the album remains quite impressive overall. Lets hope the same can be said for the film!

Our Rating

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