Teree Sang

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Indian audiences have come to a stage where today we’e ready to accept just about every issue and every situation on screen (with a hint of realism of course), whether it is homosexuality, live-in relationships, or teen pregnancy. Audiences look forward to their opinions being challenged from various perspectives and portrayals of a given situation and Teree Sang is a film amongst those that challenges our thoughts. Satish Kaushik known for giving us the ‘ideal’ commercial Bollywood flicks returns to screen with his latest venture that somewhat deviates from his usual style, not completely of course, but it definitely has a fresh new touch we’ve never seen Kaushik apply. Debutant Sheena Shahabadi and Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar star Ruslaan Mumtaz come together on screen in this experimental venture about love, relationships and most of all responsibilities.

Read on to find just how successfully Satish Kaushik’s new touch is or whether he should have stuck to his old ways.

With an extensive media coverage on its intriguing storyline I’m sure that the synopsis of Teree Sang is no hidden secret from many of you, but simply for the benefit of the lesser informed I’ll summarise what Teree Sang has in store for you. Dealing with the lesser talked about but very much relevant issue of teen pregnancy, Teree Sang is the story of Kabir (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and Mahi (Sheena), who in their attempts to wave away the boredom that every teenager feels their life has become, get into a mess that they really weren’t prepared for. As they prepare to be one of the youngest parents their society has seen Kabir and Mahi face a battle against names too many to mention. How they emerge out of this battle and how they grow into adults from innocent teens is what Teree Sang is all about.

It’s rather rare to come across a film with a story that gets to the point without wasting much time and that is the main reason why Teree Sang works. You and I both probably knew what the crux of the film was so it would have been rather frustrating had the makers ‘beated around the bush’. Within 5 minutes the filmmakers revealed the potential love story about to sprout and its potential problem, that being the difference in Kabir and Mahi’s social class.

The screenplay is innovative and realistic for the most part. The first half and second part of the second half are both brilliant, it’s the middle portion that lets you down. With an impactful start you really thought this film would avoid clich

Our Rating

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