The Cheetah Girls: One World Review

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Having a seven-year-old niece was the perfect excuse (of course I mean the reason), I had watched the first two Disney Cheetah Girls movies. The Cheetah Girls are a made-for-the-movie singing group whose dream is to make it big together. The first film was set in New York, and the second on a trip to Barcelona, Spain for a music competition. Of course to prepare to write this review of the third movie The Cheetah Girls: One World I had to watch them again. I enjoyed both of them (even though they are kids movies) and as I was watching I was thinking that these are similar to Bollywood films since they have two mainstays of Hindi films: a love story and great song and dance numbers. So to have the Cheetah’s next adventure set in India with a Bollywood backdrop makes perfect sense! Since it is set around Bollywood, I decided I should “officially” take a look at it and see how they did (plus, OK, I wanted to see it). I wondered if they would be able to combine the Disney teen popishness and translate it into something that not only would introduce kids to Bollywood, but do it a good way. So did they pull it off – was it Cheetalicious? (I can’t believe I am using this word)… Yes. They portrayed India beautifully, and the basic story was great, but the script and too many songs took the film from being WOW to just good. Since it is more for kids and tweenies, I decided to review this as a fan of Bollywood and not as a Bollywood journalist. Here are my thoughts on the Cheetah’s going Bollywood.

The film stars Adrienne Bailon as Chanel, Kiely Williams as Aqua and Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda, the Cheetah girls minus one (Raven-Symon

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