The Curry Smugglers are back!

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They’re back! We’ve talked about the Curry Smugglers before and featured them on when they first launched their show a year ago. Today is their first anniversary and they kick off their fourth season with a killer show! Featured on this first episode will be members of the cast of Ashes [] – Ajay Naidu [Ashes, 30 Rock, Office Space] and Reena Shah [Sita Sings the Blues, My Pet Dragon]. Alongside them will be members of the organizing team for the first ever Chicago South Asian Film Festival []. Of course, Paresh and Sachin will also play their usual brand of the latest and greatest remixes and chart busting tracks.

This season, the Smugglers also plan to bring in famous DJs and recording artists into their studio for great interviews and musical features. What makes the Curry Smugglers podcast so great is its fresh and unique approach to musical appreciation. The boys make sure the show has just the right blend of Bollywood, Bhangra, South Asian hip-hop/rock and then also some Arabic and popular Euro/American club anthems thrown together. Is it any wonder why we are huge fans!

Did we mention that these gents are also really good looking? If you don’t believe it, check out these pictures and look for more at

You can find the CurrySmugglers on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes as well. So don’t walk but run to the nearest computer or smartphone and get your curry smuggled!

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