The Curry Smugglers Chill Edition #4

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The Curry Smugglers will be releasing their Special Chill Edition Show on May 22 featuring interviews with Raghu Dixit of The Raghu Dixit Project; and Lucky Ali a renowned Indian artist. The show will be available on, iTunes and SoundCloud.

The Raghu Dixit Project has gained a strong fan following in the last few years. They had the biggest selling non-Bollywood record in India since 2008. Paresh Gajria, co-host of the Curry Smugglers, interviewed Raghu on May 6 in Pune, India, at which time Raghu let Paresh in on a secret – that Raghu and his band would be performing on the 2 episode of Coke Studio India, which airs mid-June as well. Paresh described Raghu as, “exactly what you hear and see on the screen – unassuming, very humble, extremely relaxed and understated in everything. [Raghu] treats his talent with care and understands the blood, sweat and tears that go into being successful in a difficult industry. It is not surprising that he is so popular and won Songlines 2011 – Best Newcomer.”

Lucky Ali needs little or no introduction. Artist, actor, playback singer and humanitarian he has charmed audiences with his touching, and sometimes haunting, music. Paresh spoke with Lucky on May 13 of which he says, “I began the interview as an awe-struck fan, but immediately realized that Lucky comes across just as what we think of him – a guy who understands music really well and holds some strong and honest opinions about making music. The new album he just finished recording in Kerala is another effort to expand his repertoire with songs that have varying moods. And though he is passionate about music, he is also is clear that it supplements his primary interests at humanitarian work.”

Lucky Ali’s new album releases in June and will be available through the Curry Smugglers website, at; as well as Lucky Ali’s own website,

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