“The film is intended for anyone and everyone who wants to bring about a change for a better India” – Samir Aftab

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As a production designer, Samir Aftab was a part of the Bobby Deol starrer Badal. He later went on to star in a number of films including Sun Zarra and Shadow. Unfortunately, the actor hasn’t seemed to get enough credit despite being an honest actor. The actor will also be a part of the upcoming revolutionary Krantiveer: The Revolution. Aftab will join the likes of Jahan Bloch, Aditya Rajput Singh and Harsh Rajput, all of whom believe that the film is out to change the perception of youth and politics. Read on as we chat with the actor about the importance of change and being a part of a path-breaking film.

How did you go from production designer to actor?

I always wanted to be an actor but I realized that if I was well-versed with the other technical departments of filmmaking it would immensely help me. So I joined Mr. Raj Kanwar as an assistant director. Simultaneously I also worked as a production designer.

How did Krantiveer land in your lap?

My secretary met Mr. Mehul Kumar, the director, and showed him my photographs. Mehul-ji then signed me on for the second lead. We shot a video for the mahurat party after which I went home. Late that night I got a call from Mehul-ji that he wanted me to play the lead opposite Jahan [Bloch].

What is your role in the film?

My character is of a boy named Vishal who has returned after completing his army training. He then meets Roshni. Here they become aware of corruption and terrorism in the country and decide to fight back. He then decides not to return for his posting to fight the people across the border, but stay back and fight the evil forces in the country.

Have you seen the first installment and if so, what did you think of it?

Yes, I have seen the first Krantiveer and I think it’s one of the finest films of all time.

What message does the film try to give and how do you think audiences will react to the film?

The message is very clear. We all need to join hands and stop all corruption within our country. Once that is achieved, then there will be no terrorism which is one of the major problems that our country is facing.

Is the film intended just for the youth?

The film is intended for anyone and everyone who wants to bring about a change for a better India.

What brief did the director Mehul Kumar give you when narrating the film?

The brief given by the director was very simple and clear. He wanted all of us just to be ourselves in front of the camera and be natural. He made it very clear that none of us should try to copy any actor from the previous Krantiveer.

What was your experience like working with Kumar?

Working with Mr. Mehul Kumar has been one of the best and most wonderful experiences in my career. I have learnt a lot from him.

And what about the rest of the star cast, Aditya, Jahan and Harsh?

Working with Jahan [Bloch], Aditya [Rajput Singh] and Harsh [Rajput] was a great experience. All of them are fabulous actors and have given great performances. Especially Jahan who though being a newcomer, has given a flawless performance.

Did you ever feel threatened with four actors in the film?

I never felt threatened by the other three actors and I am sure they never felt threatened by me. There was no competition on the sets. It was like four friends working together. In fact we all helped each other before the scenes. When you see the film you will realize how all of us complement each other.

Comparisons to the first Krantiveer is inevitable. What do you think is the difference between the sequels?

It’s true that comparisons to the first Krantiveer is inevitable. The first installment dealt with problems of those times and this film deals with the problems our country is facing today.

What revolution do you feel is needed by the current youth in order to “clean the system” in India?

Our country is facing many problems today. The main reason for all these problems is corruption. Getting rid of corruption will help to clean the system in India.

What expectations do you have of the film?

My expectations are very high and I want this film to do well.

What message would you like to give the audiences and why should they watch Krantiveer 2?

The cast and crew have put in a lot of hard work in this film. It’s an honest film. We don’t want to preach anything but would like to bring about a change. If we can do so with this film, it will be great. It’s an initiative that we have taken and I pray we succeed.

Samir Aftab is ready to make sure that Krantiveer makes a powerful impact. Krantiveer: The Revolution is hitting cinemas on June 25th. You can be sure it is going to change your perception of the youth and Indian politics. Get ready to be a part of the awakening!

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