The Prankstar’s Unseen-Stories premiers on BIG Home Video

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Big Home Video is launching 3 animated short films in Hindi based on Little Krishna’s life. With this, India’s most loved animated character on TV, debuts on home video.

Little Krishna is a 3D computer-animated series which is a co-creation between BIG Animation and The Indian Heritage Foundation (promoted by ISKCON, Bangalore). The television series is was aired on Nickelodeon and has been one of the most popular shows since then.

Apart from the TV series, there are three telefilms based on Little Kishna’s life that has not been aired or released ever. BIG Home Video is releasing these Hindi titles – Vrindavan Ka Dulara, Veer Yodha & Chamatkari Karname on DVDs and VCDs.

The films are based on the Indian mythological hero, Lord Sri Krishna. The stories revolve around sweet Little Krishna, the land of Vrindavan and the life of villagers there. Little Krishna is a lovable and mischievous character who is always helping his friends and villagers.

Scripted by Emmy Award winner Jeffrey Scott and researched by India Heritage Foundation, the series has a visual style, which combines Indian design motifs with classical Western styles. A team of 280 artists have worked on this project which is being directed by the tag team of Vincent Edwards who has earlier worked on Spider Man: TV Series.

Each film is 84 minutes in duration. The single DVD is priced at Rs. 149 and the 2 VCD pack is priced at Rs. 69. The English DVDs and VCDs will soon follow the Hindi launch. There are plans to also launch the TV series, as seen on TV on home video.

Kulmeet Makkar, Chief Executive officer of Big Music & Home Entertainment, elaborates, “We are extremely proud to be associated with this prestigious project. The character has universal appeal and is a huge hit with the Indian kids. The short films have not been aired on TV and there is curiosity and demand for the same. The idea is to have this product reach as many people possible since it is compelling & great family viewing.”

Mr. Ashish SK, CEO BIG Animation said, “Since the launch of Little Krishna on NICK, we have been flooded with enquiries from viewers who have loved the series both in India and abroad eagerly waiting for the DVD launch of the property. I am extremely confident in BIG Home Video’s distribution strategies and the way it looks, I am sure Little Krishna DVD’s and CD’s are surely going to be among the topmost chartbusters in terms of sales. What makes our confidence soar is the fact that viewers have adored the image of Little Krishna and I am sure that it will be cherished by every Indian household.”

Chanchalapathi Das, Vice Chairman of India Heritage Foundation and Vice President of ISKCON – Bangalore said, “We have taken all possible care to make sure that every element in the series is authentic and never before told with such clarity and sDcale. With the DVD launch we are confident that every house hold in our country will like to own the series for themselves since its not just an animated product but a true collectors item to be treasured for generations to come.”

The company plans to have a well planned and massive launch across the nation. This would be supported by strategic and optimum promotion across consumer touch points, including effectual mediums like Radio, Internet & PR. Special focus is on retail visibility and activation making sure that consumers are made aware of the launch. There are tie-ups planned with institutes like ISKON and school-contact program.

Action, adventure, heroic valor, selfless deeds, emotional trysts, mischiefs, all packaged in a compelling story makes Little Krishna series a true family entertainer.

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