The Voice India – Week 5 Blind Auditions

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15jul_VoiceIndia-BlindAuditions-Wk5-01We have now reached the final episodes of the Blind Auditions on The Voice India. The episodes opened with a quick re-cap of the chosen contestants and a look at the forthcoming contestants. Coach Sunidhi only had 3 spaces left in her team, coach Shaan also had 3, while coaches HR and Mika had just 2 spaces left in their team.

The first contestant was Deepak Malik. Deepak is 21 years old and is from New Delhi. Deepak sang the song ‘Allah Waariyan’ from Yaariyan. Coach HR was the first to buzz, followed by coaches Mika and Shaan. Coach Sunidhi did not hit the buzzer this time. After much competition between the three coaches and our HR’s infamous countdown, Deepak chose to be in team Mika! Our favourite coach HR, was quite disappointed considering that he gave Deepak a ‘Mohabbat ka Vaasta’ (blessings for his ‘love’)! The second contestant was Mohit Pathak. Mohit is 31 years old and is from Lucknow, UP. Mohit sang the song ‘Aye Khuda’. Coach Shaan was the only one to buzz and so Mohit gained automatic entry into coach Shaan’s team.

The third contestant was Joanne Fernandes who is 30 years old and is from Goa. Joanne had very western vocals and she sang the Mikey Mckleary remixed version of ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’. Due to her very strong western vocals, unfortunately none of the coaches buzzed for Joanne. They felt her overall vocal range would be quite restricted. The fourth ccontestant was Sanchet Tandon. Sanchet is 25 years old and he is also a music teacher. Sanchet sang ‘Kabira’ from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Coaches Sunidhi, HR, Mika and Shaan all buzzed for Sanket! The competition between the four was very tough but Sanchet eventually chose to be in team Himesh! Coach HR promised that Sanchet would have his golden shoes.

15jul_VoiceIndia-BlindAuditions-Wk5-04The fifth contestant was Deepmala Halder. Deepmala is 17 years old and is from Kolkata. Deepmala sang ‘Bahara’ from I Hate Luv Stories. Coach Shaan was the only coach to buzz for Deepmala this time and so she had automatic entry into team Shaan! Coach HR said that she could turn out to be the dark horse of the series. The audience were then treated to a wonderful sing off between the four coaches, as they sang their own version of The Voice theme song! The sixth contestant was Niyam Kanungo. Niyam is 25 years old and is from Indore, Niyam sang the title track of the film Khamoshiyan. Coaches Sunidhi and Mika were the only ones to buzz for Niyat. Niyat chose to be in team Sunidhi.

Sunday’s episode was the last round of the Blind Auditions. The first conestant was Pragya Patra. Pragya is from Delhi. Pragya sang the melodious ‘Samjhawan’ from Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya. Coaches Sunidhi and Mika were the only ones to buzz. Pragya chose to be in team Sunidhi. Our favourite HR really enjoyed watching Sunidhi and Mika compete for Pragya! The second contestant was Deepesh Rahi. Deepesh is 25 years old. He sang ‘Hum Jo Chalne Lage’ from Jab We Met. This song has originally been sung by coach Shaan. Coach Mika was the first to buzz followed by coaches Sunidhi, Shaan and HR! This was one of the funniest competitions because whilst HR let his silence (khamoshiyan) do the talking, coaches Mika, Sunidhi and Shaan were really competing for Deepesh who without any hesitation chose to be in team Himesh! Dhina Dhin Dha! With excitement, coach HR also sang ‘Dhina Dhin Dha’, the full title track of Ram Lakhan!

The third contestant was Chandra Subramanium. Chandraji is an older lady whose performance totally mesmerized the coaches! Chandraji sang the retro classic ‘Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka’. As expected, the coaches did not buzz for Chandraji, but they certainly gave her a standing ovation! The fourth contestant was Gopal Dass. Gopal is 24 years old and is from Punjab. Gopal sang ‘Teri Jhuki Nazar’ from Murder 3. Coaches Sunidhi and Mika were the only ones to buzz for Gopal as coache HR’s team was now full. After coach HR’s countdown, Gopal chose to be in team Sunidhi.

15jul_VoiceIndia-BlindAuditions-Wk5-09The fifth contestant was Sana Aziz. Sana is 25 years old and is from Mumbai. Coaches Shaan and Mika were the only ones to buzz for Sana. Sana chose to be in team Shaan. The sixth contestant was Vinti Singh. Vinti is 26 years old and is from UP. Vinti performed a semi classical song. Coach Mika was the only one to buzz (as other teams are now full!) and so Vinti gained automatic entry into team Mika!

This weekend will see the Battle Rounds where 2 contestants from each team will be competing against each other! Watch The Voice India every Saturday and Sunday, 9pm only on &TV (&TVHD now in the UK)! Stay with BollySpice for all the latest updates!

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