Top 10 Introduction Songs in Bollywood

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Not without reasons do they say that first impressions are the most important. This is why introduction of characters- whether books or movies or soaps- is done with a lot of care. With respect to movies, the safest way to introduce a character is through a song which is why it is often used in Bollywood. Here’s my countdown of top 10 introduction songs which will always remain on my favorite list.

Manmohini – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
‘Mitti pe khichi lakeeren rab ne, to ye tasveer bani; Aag, hava, paani ko milaya, to phir ye tasveer sajhi.’ What better way to introduce the ‘teekhi’ Nandini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)! The song aptly shows the spirited and naughty nature of her character, with the highlight being the lovely choreography and Ismail Darbar’s music. Also I loved the way they used the game of ‘lagori’ to describe the character: her grace, determination.

Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka – Devdas
This is one of the most amazingly choreographed songs in the history of Bollywood. Feelings of first love, the pain of separation and the joy of meeting; all these emotions of Paro are effectively captured in this song. And Aishwarya has perfectly portrayed the innocence and beauty of Paro. I like the fact that the lighted diya is used as a symbol for Devdas-Paro love-which has to stand many tests. As Roger de Bussy-Rabutin has said, “Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.”

Paisa Yeh Paisa – Karz
Rishi Kapoor as Monty Oberoi is introduced in this peppy number from Karz. Though the dance steps are not intricate, Rishi’s charisma is enough to light up the screen; you just can’t help but start tapping your feet as well! The core point of the song is the hassles of money which is apt as it was this ‘paisa’ which was responsible for the betrayal and untimely death in his previous birth.

Aye Bachchu – Ghajini
A few might be questioning this selection but I really like the feel of the song. It has a totally international-videoish look about it which is rare in Bollywood movies. Asin’s Kalpana is free-spirited who loves to live every moment of her life and this is conveyed nicely through the song. Additionally, her character is an aspiring actress which explains the different concepts used in the song. In fact I prefer this song to her Rahatula in the original.

Saajanji Ghar Aaye – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
If there’s one star who has immense screen presence, it’s Salman Khan. Making a grand entry as Aman Mehra, Anjali’s fianc

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