Top Albums of 2010

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3. Aisha

Amit Trivedi has a very unique and original composition style when it comes to creating the songs for films. For Aisha, director Rajshree Ojha wanted the music to be just another layer to add to whole feeling of the film and she got that and more. Each song added to the scene, it never distracted and in fact, the tunes even added so much it took the film up a notch on the good film scale. Ojha was very, very happy with the music and so were fans. With songs like the super hit and infectious ‘Gal Mithi Mithi Bol’, to the quirky but fab ‘Shaam’, and the pop styled ‘Suno Aisha’ each song matched perfectly to what was going on and the feel of the stylish Aisha. We can bet Aisha herself would blast these songs when driving her cute VW bug…oh wait she did and we did too!

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