Top Albums of 2010

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The year of the Hindi film soundtrack in 2010 saw quite a few changes. Many a film stepped away from the lip-synch song standard and went to using music just as background or to accompany a montage. We also had classic and rural India being represented in songs, as well as a rise of very modern Western flavored tunes and even a cool mix and meld of the two. Though we have loved many of the songs this year and had a difficult time coming up with that list, it was actually pretty easy for us to list our Top Ten Albums. We feel these 10, well 11, really represent the feel, the setting, the character and the story of the film that they accompany, plus of course, have some killer tunes! Check out what we think was the Best of a Bollygood year for Hindi music!

10. Guzaarish

Sanjay Leela Bhansali not only directed the film starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he also felt he was the only one who could create the music that helped set the scene. Explaining his decision the director said, “I’ve done the music of the film as I felt I understood the characters of the film, the thought and feelings they might be going through. I would not be able to make a music director understand all that. The deep thought that would go into expressing what the characters felt musically, I knew that instinctively, hence, I decided to put the little knowledge I have about music to use.” Definitely not your average OST, Bhansali composed a symphony of songs that has many different moods, flavors and styles. Combine that with beautiful lyrics and outstanding singers and you have an album that is proves Bhansali was right and how!

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