Top Films of 2010

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2010 has been a year that has taught the industry lessons. For starters, it has reiterated a fact that prominent filmmakers have been howling about for years now: good scripts equals a hit film. Not a star-studded cast, not a huge budget; a solid script. It also told directors that the Desi formula still works; viewers still love some good masala, their dssshkyuns and lots of dishooms. And as the year comes to a close, we are forced to allocate top accolades to films that created some hungama at the box office. However, this year it is almost impossible to draw a single list. In fact, that would be just plain wrong. So instead of counting down the top 10 popular films, we are doing a mixture of both. Our countdown will mesh both worlds: popular and critical, as we award the top 5 popular and top 5 critically acclaimed films of 2010.


5. The Rakht Charitra series

And finally Ram Gopal Verma comes back with something he is good at: telling dark tales. Look, Rakht Charitra is dark, gruesome and haunting but you simply cannot ignore it. From a critical perspective, the film is gripping and tells a story which is virtually unknown. It manages to extract a fabulous from the otherwise rather lackluster Vivek Oberoi and bring to the forefront some greats including Shatrugan Sinha. But what worked most about the film was the saga idea it bought with it. As a viewer you were waiting with abated breath to watch the conclusion to a film that literally had you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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