Top Song Choreography of 2010

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Indian cinema without songs would be like Romeo without Juliet or Heer without Ranjha. Yes, the relationship is much like a timeless love story where one name has always been taken in conjunction with another. So when it comes to counting down to the best in Indian cinema, a list HAS to be dedicated to song picturisations! Those few selected explosive numbers that deserve a place on this list don’t have to satisfy any specific criteria however, usually consist of breath taking visuals or mind blowing choreography or eye popping costumes or all of the above! Read on to find out which are the numbers for 2010 that make the cut!

10. ‘Dhanno’ – Housefull

Combining a sexy lady for an item number with a bunch of insanely comical characters could have become awfully disastrous. Thankfully for Sajid Khan the combination of these two things is exactly what made ‘Dhanno’ such a treat to watch! Usually an item number would stray away from the film but with this one the characters stayed in tact and the story continued, just with an added item girl! Kudos to choreographer Farah Khan and Jaqueline Fernandez for scoring her first item song and landing up on our countdown!

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