Trouble for Jail

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Realism is Madhur Bhandarkar’s middle name and thus, it is not surprising that his realistic films put him in a bit of a frenzy sometimes. On the last day of shooting, the cast and crew of Jail found themselves surrounded by inmates who were rowdy and uncontrollable. In fact some of the women from the cast and crew were so harassed and upset from the situation, that they were contemplating leaving the sets.

“I was shocked. The boys at the remand home misbehaved with the unit girls. They were aggressive and rude, almost lewd. My brother is 17-years-old and I consider him a bachcha. But these 14-year-olds spoke in a tone and language that went way beyond their age,” confirmed lead actor Neil Nitin Mukesh. The young boys wanted to see the actor after watching him in Aa Dekhen Zara and thus the juvenile delinquents insisted on meeting him. “When the boys heard about our shoot, they demanded to meet us but were denied permission. That’s when they got upset and out of control,” he added.

When Mukesh was asked on why he thinks behaved in the way that they did, he quickly replied, “The boys lack motivation. They’ve been left there and are not doing anything with their lives. They haven’t been told where they went wrong and how to get their life back on track. They don’t even know what’s morally right or wrong. One boy even took off with some shoot equipment. He did it so nonchalantly as if stealing is acceptable. He obviously hasn’t been taught better.”

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