Tut-Tut Raja Chaudhary!

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Why doesn’t Raja Chaudhary get it? His antics inside the Bigg Boss house would fetch him great response and votes. However, the show is clearly done and his drama on the outside world has apparently just begun. Last week, we heard news of a drunk Chaudhary misbehaving on the streets with a eunuch. His stunt including a slight strip show and throwing money at the innocent passerbyer. He was caught by the police and booked for his indecent behavior. If that wasn’t enough for one night, he went around asking for buddy and pal Rahul Mahajan who was not anywhere in sight.

Just when we thought, he had learnt from his past mistakes, hot off the press news is that Chaudhary doesn’t learn easily. Drunk, once again, Chaudhary barged into fellow contestant Zulfi Syed‘s clothing boutique, abused his staff and bagged some items (clothes and accessories) from the store without paying for them. It seems that controversy doesn’t seem to leave the notorious Raja Chaudhary. More than seeing scripts, he seems to be seems to be seeing the inside of jail cells. We hope he manages to get a grip and decide to sober down soon!

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