Vacancy: Sayali Bhagat’s boyfriend

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Mumbai model and budding film actor, Sayali Bhagat is taking the opposite route. She is moving away from Mumbai and towards the South to build a career in Tollywood (the Telegu film industry). “Being a total Mumbaiyya, I thought South Indian films wouldn’t be my cup of tea,” she says, “But after working here, I’ve changed my mind and I’m looking for a career in Tollywood.”

Sayali, who made her debut opposite Emraan Hashmi in The Train in Bollywood, has just finished her first Telegu films, Blade Babji, a comedy for which the early vibes feel good. She already has two more films lined up with Paying Guest and Good Luck.

So is the former Miss India, who has spent the last few years treading the catwalks of places like the Milan International Fashion Show, now a committed comedy actress? “Well comedy is the flavour of the season, and most of the films that are doing well are comedies. Commercial success is important to me, at least at the beginning of my career. But I would like to be termed as a versatile actor.”

To back up her claim, she has also appeared in Black Gandhi, a dark satire which also stars Mahesh Manjeraker and was recently seen at both the Berlin and Venice film festivals.

Her interest and willingness to try something different shows just how special this fine young woman is. For instance, she openly expresses her support for Baba Amte and the work he did in his life amongst the tribals and lepers of India.

Her philosophy is “Life is like an ice-cream and I want to enjoy every bit of it before it melts.”

She says she loves Hyderabad, especially the food and the night life, but there’s one thing that would make it even more special for her – a boyfriend. “I’d love to have a boyfriend in Hyderabad to come back to,” she pines. Okay guys, start forming a queue here…..

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