Valentine’s Day in Bollywood

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Valentine’s Day is a day of love, whether it be with your husband, boyfriend, crush, family, friends or spent dreaming about your favorite Bollywood star coming to sweep you off your feet. Here are a few of the Valentines plans and wishes of some of Bollywood’s stars.

Bipasha Basu:
Doing: “We’re going for a short trip to Cape Town. For the last three years on Valentine’s Day, John and I have been in different countries. Looking forward to this flash holiday.
Wish: “None. I’m happy and contented.”

Muzamil Ebrahim:
Doing: “It’s my mother’s birthday on Valentine’s Day so there’ll definitely be lots of celebration.”
Wish: “Want good health and happiness for all those who love me. And I want to get together with the one I want to be with.”

Priyanka Chopra:
“I don’t believe you need a reason or a particular day to say you love someone. When you’re in love every day is special.”

Zayed Khan:
Doing: “See, it was Valentine’s Day five years ago that I proposed to Malaika. So, it’s a doubly special day for me. I think I’m going to try my hand at being a chef , and have a go at some fine wine that I’ve been saving up for us for a special day. We’ll be at home since we don’t want to leave our son Zidaan alone.”
Wish: “For many more such Valentine’s Days”

Pooja Bedi:
Wish: “Waiting for my Prince Charming to come.”

Dino Morea:
Doing: “Since I’ve no love life I’ll be doing some good for society. Will be meeting cancer patients who are couples and helping one another through life. Then I’m off to Delhi for an event.”

Koena Mitra:
Doing: “Since I don’t have anyone special in my life I’d do the usual things, like watching a movie with my girlfriends, shopping till I drop and some harmless male-bashing with my girlie pals. And hmmm, I may do some serious flirting. Is that allowed?”
Wish: “My Valentine desire would be to finally meet Mr. Right. But if that’s not possible this Valentine then fine. Just get me a man who is hot looking and a great conversationalist. Then even a Mr. Wrong will do.”

Celina Jaitley:
Doing: “Though I’m working on Valentine’s Day I have a special show for the day on MTV for the singles. I’ll watch it and have a good laugh.”
Wish: “My Valentine wish is to find true love.”

Imtiaz Ali:
Doing: “There’s a special screening of my Jab We Met for young Delhi romantics. So it’s a day of good business for me. And this is as romantic as I can get.”
Wish: “I want to keep making films that girls will adore on Valentine’s Day”

Esha Deol:
Doing: “It’s an unromantic Valentine for me. I’m shooting an ad with my mum and sis.
Desire: “I want to give lots of love to all those who’ve given me love. Lots of love to all my ex-es too! Ha ha. May God keep me single for as long as possible because I love my freedom.”

Farhan Akhtar:
Doing: “Since I’m shooting for Rock On it’ll be a very routine Valetine’s Day for me. But the night gets exciting when I get to see an intensely romantic film Jodhaa-Akbar.”
Wish: “Want to see Mumbaites back to the spirit of the city…”

Amrita Arora:
Doing: “Will be shooting on Valentine’s.”
Wish: “Wish to have my loved one with me forever.”

Divya Dutta:
“I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day with my favorite people on the sets of Dilli 6 in Jaipur… and that includes my childhood crush Rishi Kapoor.”

Manoj Bajpai:
“I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. You don’t need one special day to show your partner how much you love her.”

Kushal Punjabi:
Doing: “Besides shooting I’ll be doing what all other lovers do on Valentine’s Day. Exchanging cards and listening to romantic songs. What did you think?”
Wish: “From all the girls in my life that one special person will emerge on this day. I promise I’ll give up doing naughty like exchanging cards things after that.”

Neil Mathur:
Doing: “Will be going out with a secret Valentine to a secret place.”
Wish: “One wish would be that I get the power to give back love to all those who love me.”

Malaika Arora:
Doing: “I want to spend the day with all my loved ones.”
Wish: “I don’t anyone to be alone on Valentine’s Day.”

Amrita Rao:
Doing: “I’m shooting all day and attending a birthday party in the evening.”
Wish: “I wish all those people in love be so forever. And those who don’t, may they please find love this Valentine’s Day.”

Tusshar Kapoor:
Doing: “Nothing special. Just meeting up with friends after shooting”
Wish: “If I had my way I’d make every day Valentine’s Day.”

Tanushree Dutta:
Doing “I’m shooting on Valentine’s Day. So, no Valentine plan.”
Wish: “I wish I’d be in Paris for the next Valentine’s Day.”

Aishwarya Rai:
“I’ll be attending the premiere of Jodhaa Akbar in Delhi on Valentine’s Day. But Abhishek will be with me. So no complaints.”

Ajay Devgan: “It is for those who have to keep one day aside to tell their loved ones that they love them. And who need to be ‘reminded’ that there is someone whom they ought to love. But for those who show that they care throughout the year, it’s just another day.

Love isn’t about the gifts you give or receive. You may give ten thousand things to somebody, and yet not love that person enough and fool her by your generosity. I believe that the little things I do for my family, I do out of love. That’s my gift to them.”

Kajol agrees with her husband saying: “That’s wonderfully said, J. It’s a sweet thing. But I don’t see myself celebrating it. What we try and celebrate every single day is not the You or the Me. It’s the Hum!”

We here at Bollyspice wish everyone a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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