Vedita makes love – No Regrets!

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The trailer of Bhindi Bazaar Inc. has been out for quite some time now, and has received quite the excited and positive response. A glance at the trailer makes one thing clear, that the story is told boldly with no sugar-coating around it.

If the promos are seen carefully this is already being a hot topic for gossipers, is the sexy model turned actor Vedita Pratap Singh, who apparently has four to five love making scenes of her with most of the main cast in the film. “Vedita seemed very confident while shooting for such love making scenes. Earlier entire unit was apprehensive that if she would agree to do it, coz in the movie she has a very Bitchy role but at the same time very strong and important role” says a sources from the unit.

In an industry that’s still warming up to get acquainted with the normalcy of sex in movies, the tongues may really start wagging about this piece of information.

So what is Vedita’s status on the whole thing? Well she matter-of-factly says “I have no regrets personally and I am really proud to be starring in a movie which comprises of such stalwarts from the industry that tells a meaningful story on the harsh realities of life. As for the sex scenes, well I am an actress, and it is my duty to be loyal to the script. My intentions were purely professional and it was necessary for the story, so why and what should I regret?”

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