“Vidya Balan changed Bollywood,” according to Huma Quershi

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Bollywood newcomer Huma Qureshi has acknowledged the unparalleled contributions which Vidya Balan has made to cinema. The 26 year old actress, whose new film Ek Thi Dayaan will be releasing this week, stated to the Indian press how Vidya has transformed the audiences’ attitude towards women in Bollywood. “”I think that Bollywood is changing very, very fast. Today look at what Vidya has done – she has changed things for women.” “Be it me, Konkona (Sen Sharma), or Kalki (Koechlin) – we all are refining the quintessential role of a glamour doll in Bollywood. Thanks to many directors and writers who are coming up with fantastic story and ideas.”

Huma also spoke about the demands of being an actress in the modern era and how much work she has to do. “I have been working hard like insane. As an actress, people think it’s all about being glamorous, looking pretty and dressing up, but there’s a lot of hard work as well. I am working 14 to 16 hours a day and that is a lot of work.” “But it’s fun. I am loving it. I am enjoying it.”

Ek Thi Dayaan releases in cinemas on Friday 19 April!

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