Vidya Balan on Halla Bol

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Halla Bol starring Ajay Devgan, Pankaj Kapur and Vidya Balan is finally set to make its appearance at theaters on January 11th. Vidya, who plays Ajay’s wife in the film, recently talked about her experiences working with director Raj Kumar Santoshi, her co-star Ajay Devgan, and other filmi things.

Vidya explained that to her the title means, “Halla Bol means a call for war. It’s an awakening after a long slumber, in order to bring a change in the society.”

About her role in the film she said, “I play a very small yet substantial role of Ajay’s wife in the film. A simple and a courageous woman who has certain set of beliefs. She is someone who stands by her husband in his thick and thin. Halla Bol talks about the journey of a man from reel to real life hero. Ajay plays the role of a struggling actor who achieves a lot of stardom in life. And the beauty of my character lies in the fact that being a wife of such a big star, still, she retains her simplicity.”

She is working with Ajay for the first time and even though she fell victim to one of his pranks on set said, “He is always in high spirits. And acting is something which comes naturally to him. He has so much of spontaneity in him that I remember him smoking at one moment and next moment you see him give his best shot. And as far as Ajay as a person is concerned, he is a gem in himself. He is someone who is full of life and who is always up to something.”

This role for Vidya was a bit of a challenge for her and she says, “Well, honestly, the credit goes to Rajkumar Santoshi ji for he showed a great deal of conviction in me. I feel a director like him pushes you towards your goal and thus your task becomes much easier henceforth.”

Adding as a director, “Raj ji is full of life. He is a well learned man who has immense knowledge of history, current affairs etc… He leaves no stone unturned to attain perfection in whatever he does. He is a director with a clear vision and thus makes it crystal clear to the actor as to what exactly he/she is supposed to do.”

On to other things and the supposed hook-ups with her co-stars, “Trust me, earlier whenever I would get upset on hearing such rumours, my Dad would always make me understand this is just a part and parcel of the profession you have chosen. Now, I welcome such rumours because they make me feel good about myself.”

Adding her favorites among these co-stars are, “Well, I love working with Akshay Kumar and share a very good equation with Shahid Kapur. Sanju is a gem of a person and I think the kind of support he has got for during his testing times says it all.”

About her success in Bollywood Vidya says she feels blessed and, “Honestly speaking, earlier it were my instincts that helped me in choosing the right kind of films. Today, I have become more responsible as an actor, keeping in mind all the parameters as far as signing any film is concerned. The industry has accepted me whole-heartedly. So, overall it has been an overwhelming experience for me.”

Finally, back to Halla Bol, “All that I can say to my audience is that come and feel the honesty and passion, with which this film has been made. Halla Bol is an eye-opener for the people living in the contemporary society.”

We are looking forward to seeing Ajay and Vidya together in this exciting film. Be sure to check out Halla Bol when it hits theaters next Friday!

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