Vidya Balan opposes any remake of Mother India

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Whilst launching a special issue of Cineblitz Magazine, which celebrates 100 Years of Indian Cinema, Vidya Balan expressed that to remake Mehboob Khan’s magnum opus Mother India (1957) would be unachievable. “I don’t think anybody would even dare to remake ‘Mother India’ and if someone does then I will salute him, but I will not do it. It is unachievable, really.” Kudos to Vidya for making such a pragmatic statement!

In the latest edition of Cineblitz, Vidya pays homage to the leading actress of Mother India, Nargis Dutt, by re-enacting her famous pose that is featured on the film’s official poster. In addition, she paid tribute to another great actress Meena Kumari by recreating her famous look in the film Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962). Here is what Vidya had to say about it. “It’s an honour for me to have recreated those two images. One is the image of Nargis from ‘Mother India’ and when you think of those iconic images from the Indian cinema over time; it definitely features in the top 3.” “The other image we recreated was ‘Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam’ and I remember seeing that picture when I was in school and finding it extremely intoxicating.”

You can purchase this special edition of Cineblitz now from your local newsstand!

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