Vidya hints that she is no longer single!

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She has fixed up her wardrobe, signed some exciting films and is raring to go. Vidya Balan chats to Mumbai Mirror briefly about her latest release, Kismet Konnection and the special person in her life. Is it Shahid Kapur? Read on to find out!

Instead of denying with a simple ‘No comment’, Vidya gushes about co-star Shahid Kapur and how well they get along. She says, “I don’t deny that Shahid is a very close friend. For the first time, I’ve worked with a co-star who’s actually closer to me by way of age, experience and temperament. We were together for two months in Toronto shooting Aziz Mirza’s Kismat Connection and we really got along well. I found him very calm and intelligent. I think we’re alike in many ways. I really enjoyed working with him. And I would love to do more films with him.”

So is she dating him? She doesn’t quite say, but laughs about all the men she’s been linked with. “I’m amazed by the range of men I’ve been linked with. From Pradeep Sarkar we went to Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and now Shahid. I seem to have been going down the generations until I’ve finally come to a guy who’s my age,” she jokes.

Recently, she went to watch Naseerudin Shah and Ratna Patak perform Dear Liar at the Prithvi theatre. Who did she go with? “Ah, it was friend whose name begins with ‘S’. I’m not saying any more than that!” she hints. The girl surely knows how to leave us in suspense!

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