Vidyut Performs Live Stunts

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Action speaks louder than words was the mantra at an event in Mumbai where leading actor Vidyut performed mind blowing action stunts at the look launch of his forthcoming film Commando.

At the choreographed event to give the audiences a sneak peak of the action sequences they can expect to see in the film, Vidyut performed stunts to enact a sequence showing him saving his leading lady Pooja Chopra from the bad guys played by Jaideep Ahlawat. The live daredevil stunts, left the audiences gasping and seeking for more.

The stunts included a somersault from above the car, flips, high jumps etc. While these were done without any harnesses or wires, they were well practiced under the trained eyes of professionals and stunt directors.

The event also saw Vidyut and Pooja performing on a romantic dance numbers from the film – Lut Jaawa and Saawan Bairi.

Directed by Dilip Ghosh, Commando is a masala film with all the ingredients of a super hit film, releasing on 12th April.

Vidyut performing action scenes

Sanjeev Lamba (Reliance), Vipul Shah, Dilip Ghosh, Pooja and Vidyut

Jaideep Ahlawat








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