Vivek Oberoi approaches government officials for the reopening of Skill-Centres for Cancer Patients

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Vivek Oberoi who has been associated with the Cancer Patients Aids Association for over twelve years, has constantly strived to support them not just monetarily but also by personally involving himself in other endeavors that help them deal with their situation better.

Various hospitals house skill-centers for cancer patients that taught and educated them on various skill sets, instilled hope in them and also kept them occupied were shut a few years ago. However, that hasn’t stopped Vivek from turning flag-bearer for the cause.

The actor has approached the Chief Minister to discuss the issue and has requested the reopening of these skill centres for cancer patients.

“I have been associated with the cancer patients aids association for the last twelve years and I truly believe that working on their skill development has helped them to a great extent in rebuilding their lives after the horrific fight with cancer. I have approached government officials to restart the skill centers for cancer patients in mumbai and hope to receive a positive response from them,” said Vivek.

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