Vivek Oberoi at Voluntary Medicare Society Kashmir

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Vivek Oberoi recently made a special visit to the Voluntary Medicare Society NGO at the Shafqat Rehabilitation Centre in Kashmir. VMO is a socio-medical organization dedicated to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged persons.

The center was hit hard during the devastating flood.

Speaking to reporters he said, ““My aim is to make the VMS strong. I would perform at fund-raising events in the US and the UK for the people. While government will be rebuilding structures, my aim is to make this center vibrant again.”

The actor was treated to a special performance by the children and also distributed special winter packages.

Check out these shots!

14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir0114nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir02 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir03 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir04 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir05 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir06 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir07 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir08 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir09 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir10 14nov_VivekOberoi-MedicareKashmir11

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