Vivek Presses All The Right Buttons

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Its seems that once upon a time the actor who got nothing right is getting everything put back in the right spots nowadays. If there ever was an award for ‘Actor Who Made The Most Dramatic Changes in Life’ there would be no better candidate than Vivek Oberoi.

In his latest interview with Times of India, Vivek continued to show how much he has matured and changed and how much more of it he wants to do.

He starts off by talking about how he had acted in the past when he was serious people pleaser and an out-and-out fake. Today he learns the essence of ‘stop talking and start doing’ and that’s proving to be his mantra today.

The list of apologies that he had to make almost seemed endless, however now he’s proud to have done so much of what he had aimed to do. Directors, drivers and spot boys, the actor claims, were the components of this never ending list. Most importantly, there were two people whose pain was much more magnified than his own, his parents.

Vivek’s mother proved to be the person who one day brought the mirror in front of him in the form of a file that contained his early interviews. Upon looking at these interviews that he had given when he was a newbie in the industry, Vivek saw that he had gone against everything he once believed in. From being a person who claimed to want to be an actor and not a star, he saw today that he was not known for his work. That is exactly what he didn’t want to happen to his career. Thus began the most needed and long journey for Vivek.

Vivek realized that he was being known for anything but acting, and that is the main thing he aimed to change. The only possible way of doing this was by wiping the slate clean. Omkara was the first phase of this change, and we congratulate Vivek in this beginning of a new phase which was certainly evident in his absolutely groundbreaking performance.

Vivek maintains his professional and gentlemanly persona when asked to comment on Ash as an actor. He acknowledges that even though it’s probably the easiest question to answer, he decides to remain silent. May we say smart move! With the media pouncing on his every move/word, this risk just shouldn’t be taken.

In addition Vivek acknowledges the three directors that have shaped up his life today. They are Ram Gopal Verma (Company), Mani Ratnam (Yuva) and Vishal Bhardwaj (Omkara). But wait, that’s not all! Vivek also shares his version of ‘Apun Ke Saath Jo Bhi Ladega’ (Mission Istanbul) which he completes with “Apun ke saath jo bhi ladgea, apun wahin se mudega” (Wherever there is a conflict involving me, I will change my direction to avoid it).

Well we here at BollySpice want to wish Vivek all the best for this huge mission that he’s taken on board, and from the result of its initial stages, we’d like to congratulate him that he is certainly heading in the right direction. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing the actor create some serious waves on screen with the year’s most anticipated action flick, Mission Istanbul!

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