We Love-Hate Luv Storys

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We love them. We hate them. We love them. We hate them. The problem with Bollywood when it comes to love is simple: it has given women like us, unrealistic romantic ideals about Indian men. Not to burst anyone’s bubble but no ladies, he will not sing and dance in the rain with you. Nor will he close his eyes and embrace you when you are super upset. And no, he will not put a dupatta over your head, look deeply into your eyes and promise you that he will leave his family for you. Reality check: it ain’t happening! However, it is because of these very love stories that people like us believe in true love. Bollywood does a fantastic job, at times, of coming out with absolutely beautiful romantic love stories which make you cry and how. Other times, what we assume to be a love story turns out to be anything but romantic. But hey, you love some and you hate some. We take a look at some of our favorite love stories and reasons for loving and hating them.


Roshni loved it because: It is impossible not love a movie which houses the best in the industry: Aamir Khan and Kajol. Perhaps Fanaa isn’t your regular love story but speaks volumes about how irrespective of who the person is via Aamir playing a terrorist in the film, when love is meant to happen, it will. What starts out as a love story slowly but surely becomes a story that changes into one of patriotism and a mature relationship. It questions love that is challenged and the subtext raises bold questions about making the correct decision when your loved one is out to kill. The chemistry between both of these amazing actors is perfect in Fanaa. They looked and played their respective parts to the T. In fact, not even for a minute did you believe that their love wasn’t genuine. Fanaa also manages to keep you engaged because of the amazing music. ‘Chand Safarish’ won Shaan immense awards while the rest of the music can easily be deemed one of the best albums and last albums that Jatin-Lalit worked on together. So, the film doesn’t have a happy ending. But hey, true love is all about sacrifice.

Stacey hates it because: One thing and one thing only – the sad ending!!! I am a happys ending girl and I hate a movie that gets me all involved in a story and then it ends badly, I really, really hate that. I also did not really feel the Aamir/Kajol chemistry and to me the whole story seemed a bit contrived. But, I would not have hated it, merely thought it was okay until that ending. That did it for me and not only that it was sad, but that she had to shoot him … come on! I honestly regret ever watching the movie. Did love the song ‘Des Ranglia’ though!

Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

Roshni loved it because: A lot of people disliked Salman Khans loud avatar in Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega but in all honesty, I love the sweetness and casualness of HDJPK which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood While You Were Sleeping. The love triangle between Salman, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee is not only adorable but incredibly humorous too. Rarely do we get to see Salman in a role where he is not completely making a buffoon of himself. In HDJPK, he manages to finally act. However, what works for the film and makes it one of my personal favorites is the simple fact that it is a complete movie. HDJPK has everything: love, laughter, song, dance and action.

Stacey hated it because: Salman Khan … as Roshni said many hated the film because of his loud avatar and I fall into that group. I think many times Salman Khan only goes so far into a character and goes more for an act than acting. Once again, he did not give everything in him, which I know he can do, because you see glimpses of that, he just does not carry it through. Many times I prefer Hindi versions of films but for me in this one something was missing. It did not capture the While You Were Sleepingness magic and then make it better.

Love Aaj Kal

Roshni loved it because: Back in the nineties, Saif Ali Khan was not only one of our favorite chocolate heroes but also, the Romeo of Bollywood. He had long swaying hair, a cute smile and an incredibly sexy accent. He then took a turn with his career and did a whole bunch of films which were not romantic only to come back last year with Love Aaj Kal. So Imtiaz Ali comes back post Jab We Met and we are all expecting fireworks. He delivers but not to expectations. However, I for one, thought Love Aaj Kal was quite a winner. Great chemistry between the adorable, commitment-phobic Saif and the very tall Deepika Padukone work superbly in the “aaj” segments while the “kal” was picturized so perfectly. I think it gave viewers a perspective on how love had changed over time. The younger generation, myself included, gained vast appreciation for love in the yesteryears. And add to that a Sikh Saif! It doesn’t get better than that – he made one of the most cutest sardars ever seen!

Stacey hated it because: Saif Ali Khan, who usually is one of my favorites, phoned in his performance in Love Aaj Kal. He was there, but not truly into the character as the modern Jai, though I have to agree with Roshni he was one of the cutest sardars ever. Then there is Deepika of the dead eyes, you never feel anything from her. Yes, she can be cute and funny but there is no depth. I felt no chemistry between them at all. I never quite got the love between them. The music, interestingly played better as an album, then incorporated into the film. The story was interesting but had several points, like Saif and the blonde that just did not work. I really felt like it missed the mark and did not come up to the standard of a great love story. Not one I would ever watch again.

Chori Chori

Stacey loved it because: I have to admit I am a sucker for cheesy romance movies and this one is one of my favorites. Is it a classic no, but does it make my dil sing, most definitely yes! For one thing it stars two of my all time favorites Ajay Devgn and Rani Mukerjhee. Another thing is that it had a romantic Ajay, that just makes me swoon. Rani was so adorable as Khushi and she makes the movie fun to watch. I love the music and all of the picturizations. I love, love, love the story and love how it was even better than the Hollywood version. I LUV the happy ending. If you have not guessed, this is one of my all time favs and I have watched it over and over and over again and so will my husband, which is a bonus!

Roshni hated it because: Where do I begin with this one? I think what didn’t work for Chori Chori is the fact that it is extremely cheesy. The film shows a totally confused Ajay Devgn and an over-emotional Rani Mukherjee who has no dignity for herself and thus falls for the idiot played by Ajay. The screenplay is incredibly clich

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