What’s Your Raashee?

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We all know that when Ashutosh Gorwariker is at the helm of a movie it is going to be epic, whether epic in story like Swades, epic in scope like Jodhaa Akbar or epic in the number of roles Priyanka Chopra plays (12) in his newest film, What’s Your Raashee? In the Director’s notes of the What’s Your Raashee CD, Gorwariker wrote, “Mr. Madhu Rye’s story gave rise to 12 girl characters representing the 12 different raashees (equivalent of sun signs) and from this was born What’s Your Raashee? Naushil and I felt that every girl of each raashee could have a song, with each song imbibing the characteristics and traits of the respective raashee. We instantly fell in love with this idea and then designed a screenplay where in we incorporated 12 songs and a title track that covers all the signs.” For this mammoth task, Gorwariker was originally going to entrust it to AR Rahman, but when he was to busy Gorwariker handed the task to newcomer Sohail Sen. Sohail not only composed all the tracks, but he is also heard in 9 of the 13 songs! Penning the lyrics is word-master Javed Akhtar. So does Sen create songs with individuality for each of the raashees, and make beautiful music? Keep reading to find out and see what grade each makes!

What’s Your Raashee? Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde Aries-Mesh
“I look every moment for a pretty face, I see many but none of them are her. She’s around here somewhere whose raashee connects with my heart’s raashee?”

The track begins with a sax and leads to a complete jazz jam. Sohail Sen has wonderful voice for this genre. The song has all the requisites for jazz, including a cool singer, a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch brush drum (you know that sound, right?), the flirty piano, wailing trumpet, and a smooth saxophone. Felt like I was in a smoky New Orleans club listening to it. A brilliant composition, and even if you are not a jazz-head, this song could make you want to find out more! Everything is just toooo coooooooool! I give it 2 snaps and lots of claps! A

Jao Na Aquarius-Kumbh
“When you’re here, the wind sings…When you’re here, the atmosphere is calm, don’t go, don’t go”

The track starts off with a gorgeous acoustic guitar with a bit of a Spanish riff and the music continues along that vein. Sohail is heard again, but on this one he sounds completely different. I liked him on the ‘jao na’ stanzas but felt like he was straining a bit on the faster parts of the song. I think a different singer would have made ‘Jao Na’ one notch better. Tarannum Malik is only heard on the jao na refrain and her voice has a great quality. Music is lovely that backs up the fabulous guitar. This is a date song and the lyrics sing that he basically doesn’t want the night to end, for her not to go. Listen to this one for the guitar and the jao na stanzas. B

Aaja Lehraate Gemini-Mithun
“Lets Dance and make some noise. Lets spread color and fun”

A modern hip-hop track that starts off very good, but then it sort of falls apart. Shaan was an interesting pick for this song but I am not sure he matches the hip-hop beat. It does have a cool instrumental, however, there are too many styles in one song and I kept getting confused while I was listening to it. Then with the stops, which were a bit too long, I kept thinking the song was over. ‘Aaja Lehraate’ has a great back beat in parts but, besides that, it is a messy song that did not spread color or fun. From the promo it seems it is a dance-off, so maybe it will be better on screen – let’s hope so! C

Bikhri Bikhri Cancer-Kark
“Why is your hair flying in the wind? Why are your eyes so dim, this moment of hardship will soon pass, and then we will know if we are meant to be together. Lift up these teary eyes. Think this and smile!”

The simple melody of the charming ‘Bikhri Bikhri’ begins with the piano and the sweet line continues throughout the song. Sohail is heard again and he really shines on ballads. The addition of Marianne D’Cruz’s angelic voice is wonderful. The arrangement, the instruments, the phrasing, the vocals – everything is lovely. The lyrics speak of letting go of the sad times and look forward to happy future. Melodious music and beautiful vocals make for a gorgeous song to listen to. One of my favorites. A

Maanunga Maanunga Libra-Tula
“I will listen to what you say, I’ll do what you say, I have no choice, this is how I must live, this is how I must die.”

This unusual song starts with a very intriguing violin section and Ashutosh Gorwariker singing Maanunga a cappella. The song is a unique mixture of instruments and styles including orchestra, hip-hop and rock, and it combines to come together to make a really cool sound, and it so works – in parts. Ashutosh Gorwariker surprises, he has quite a nice voice. He is singing about how the girl rules the relationship and he, the guy goes by everything she says. In the middle it transposes to a more standard song for a stanza or two, which seems out of place, but fortunately it goes back to its cool essence. There are some other extraneous parts that sort of take away and make the song seem a bit of a jumble of styles. However, over all it is different and you should def check it out. B

Sau Janam Pisces-Meen
“We will take a 100 lives, in your love my life, every moment, every step, you must stay with me oh my love.”

We have your classic Bollywood romantic ballad here but with a rock edge that takes it out of the ordinary. Madushree is gorgeous on the track, Sohail sounds great again. Of course one recognizes the rich tones of Udit Narayan right away and he sounds perfect as usual. Another composition musically that shines, Sohail really knows how to put together different genres and varied voices and make a song! Another of my favs! A

Aa Le Chal Scorpio-Vrishchik
“Come take me to a place where dreams come true, make me your life partner, I’m the one you were looking for, take a look, I’m right here. Write my name on the sky.”

This one has a peppy feel to it in both the music and the vocals. Aslesha Gorwariker is very good, singing with style and energy. The music is something totally different to anything we have heard before on this album or in Hindi music. There are a lot of mixtures of styles but in this case it is a bit confusing and takes away from the whole. Harman does not sing, he is only heard in two spoken lines. Basically, it is all about a girl telling guys to do all these lovey-dovey things for her! I think this one may play better during the movie but we will have to wait and see. B

Pyaari Pyaari Virgo-Kanya
“Lovely and sweet, that is what your words are. I’ve lost my heart to you because you are so sweet.”

Ahh my sun sign… of course it is about being sweet! Okay back to the review now! ‘Pyaari Pyaari’ starts with a sweet piano that adds a nice touch to the song. Sohail Sen excels once again at the smooth ballad phrasing of the lyrics. Alka Yagnik is fabulous, and with her part comes the classic Bollywood drums. Musically, this track is also very well put together and lovely to listen to. He has somehow combined a ballad, a modern sounding track, a track that harkens back to 80s pop, and a bollyish song, too – very impressive. All the musicians are fabulous, with the flute and the guitar sections really standing out. The lyrics talk about how sweet his love is, how everything seems beautiful (pyaari pyaari) after meeting her. There’s no more loneliness, they’ll be together from here on. He has found who is is looking for – like a breath of fresh air! Love the pyaari pyaari refrain! Another A on my list!

Su Chhe Taurus-Vrishabh
“What do you want, what do you want, you’re in my heart. You fly so high but my heart calls out to you.”

We go back up-tempo in ‘Su Chhe’ with Bela Shende and Sohail Sen. Love Bela Shende’s voice and energy! I do wish some of the stanzas were down one notch on the register, just because it is a song that calls for a deeper range and she sounds so good in the lower registers. Like every track it has a distinctive sound, and this one is another hot one! Great combo of voices, music and tempos. This has got a great groove to it and made me want to get up and move. So get ready to naach to ‘Su Chhe’! B

Salone Kya Sagittarius-Dhanu
“Teach me lessons of love. If someone comes, and makes you heart flutter, then what direction do you go? Have you heard the entire story?”

The beginning instrumental refrain seemed somewhat to mimic ‘Su Chhe’, but this song’s uniqueness manifested as it played. Tarannum Malik’s velvety voice elevates the song, but it seems to fall again. I think the mistake was the choice of instruments, especially the accordion; the instruments and the arrangement of this song did not match up to the vibe of her voice, although I loved her voice quality on the salone kya stanza. The vocals are fab but not enough to make up for the instrumentation. It felt like the song was searching for an identity and never really found it. A for vocals, D for music

Dhadkan Dhadkan Leo-Simha
“Every heartbeat tells me a story. When every bond is broken, every wall and problem will melt away. The heartbeats are telling me all ties will break. However much distance and however much defenselessness, every link will be melted by this heart’s anger.”

The track resounds with a full orchestral symphony and, as Ronnie Screwala wrote in his notes in the CD booklet, it has”operatic crescendos!” From the first bars you know it is going to be something above the ordinary. The song reminds me of a showstopper in a modern Broadway play or a ballet with its orchestration and strong beats. This one shows off the brilliance of Tarannum’s voice, and she is outstanding. Sohail is fab as well. It has got a modern electronic flavor that combines well; the music is incredible in every form. Also of note is the quite incredible chorus section, with a huge sound. Another A, especially for its scope and impressive orchestration. I cannot even to begin to imagine what will be happening on screen.

Koi Jaane Na Capricorn-Makar
“Why should someone burn behind a veil? My feet and bound and no one knows. She keeps her hearts desires in her heart.”

This exquisite Indian musical track features the fantastic voice of Rajab Ali. This is a classic “Bollywood” track with all it’s wonderful instruments, tones, voices and notes. Has a very old feeling to the music and his voice. Bela Shende is also terrific. Love his inflection and voice on Koi Jaane. This is another one of my favs. Loved everything, another triumph from Sohail Sen! Can’t wait to see the scene with this song! A

What’s Your Raashee? – Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain
“The faces I’ve seen are all lovely. How will I say who has won my heart. Sometimes I long for her. Sometimes I dream of another. She speaks sweet words. Her eyes are beautiful. Lets not say much, just ask this question. What’s your raashee?”

Very modern, but with a totally different vibe from the other 12 tracks. He really knows how to combine lots of different styles together. This one changes a bit too much, but I am thinking that the film will show a procession of Raashees, which will make sense on screen. It is still a great song to listen to – I love the groove to the what’s your raashee refrain; it’s the best part of the song, and it stays in your head. In fact every time I read What’s Your Raashee I hear that tune! B

Sohail Sen has put together an epic album with each track completely unlike the others. He is amazing in just achieving that alone, and for the fact that but for a couple of slips every track is outstanding. This is an album that will showcase its greatness even more in the context of the film. The lyrics at times are cheesy and somewhat random but then at other times they are also innovative and touching. I think they will likely play better within the film, too. As a stand alone album one can only admire that there is something for everyone. You must check What’s Your Raashee out, and then check it out again after the film is released. So does your raashee song match you? Since most of the songs get an A I will curve the grade and give it an A too!

Our Rating

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