Will Bollywood Accept this movie? – Seema Biswas

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When we see them we are scared of them, we try avoiding them and treat them indifferently. Even in Bollywood, the Hijra (trans-genders) community has often been portrayed either as villainous or as comical brash creatures, manically clapping hands, singing in unison with brazen voices. When will we get our recognition asks Laxmi the famous celebrity
trans – gender

But Miraj Entertainmnet Ltd. “Queens Destiny of Dance“, an up-coming movie, will be Bollywood’s first movie to breach such stereotypical point-of-views, by portraying the lives of Indian trans-genders in a dignified manner, while being realistic and honest to the facts. In fact, most of the movie’s cast includes actual real-life Hijras, which in itself is quite the liberating act, introducing the trans-gender community as protagonists (for once) to Bollywood, instead of as the antagonist, or the comical filler. Recognized artists like Seema Biswas, Vineet, have given their support to bring the change, by acting in the movie. It also stars Laxmi narayan tripathi and it introduces Archana Gupta.

On narrating the experience of working with real-life Hijras, Seema Biswas adds “It has been a brilliant experience working with whole team. They all are full of life and so pure at heart. The film is a kind of message to the society that it’s time to change; they should be accepted and not neglected because they are also humans. I hope my loving bollywood fraternity, my respected colleagues and my audience will accept this film with open mind and heart”

The movie is slated to release on 29th April, 2011 all over.

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