Woah! Did Kanika Kapoor just make Christian Louboutin sing Baby Doll?

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French fashion designer Christian Louboutin, who built a luxury empire, thanks to his signature stilettos and red-lacquered soles, maybe a favourite on home turf with India’s leading ladies, however, our very own Kanika Kapoor managed to convince him to do quite the unthinkable.

Kanika, one of the country’s most sought after singers and leading fashion icons, was in Paris recently to attend the front row of Sonia Rykiel ‘s show at the Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture). She later attended a special intimate dinner hosted by Louboutin as one of his 40 private guests.

If that wasn’t all, while in Paris, Kanika Kapoor collaborated with him for a magazine exclusive where she not only taught him the lyrics of her iconic song ‘Baby Doll’ but also made him join in her in dancing to her other hit ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’.

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