Yet another law suit, Dhobi Ghaat comes under fire

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If you’re thinking of becoming a part of the world of glitz and glamour than be sure to add ‘battling legal suits’ as one of your talents on your resume along with acting and dancing. It seems like it’s become a way of life in cinema with every second day a prominent personality being slammed with a law suit. The dust is just settling around the fiasco for Arbaaz Khan’s ‘Munni Badnaam’ track and now a new one has made an entry. This time it’s another Khan in the limelight and that would be Aamir Khan.

While wife Kiran and Aamir are basking in the glory of Dhobi Ghaat’s success at film festivals, the same Dhobi Ghaat has become a film of much debate. Turns out the Chairman of the Organisation of Dhobis in India has asked for a court order to restrain the film from being released with the title ‘Dhobi Ghaat’.

The applicant claims that the title is offensive to the dhobi community as it as it’s a sign of making cast division in the dhobi community. Furthermore he has argued that address a person by their caste is a punishable offence under the Indian constitution. His overall argument is that no one has the right to sell the name of any caste.

Sadly for the applicant his limelight in the media was cut short as the Delhi High Court placed a 25 000 rupees fine on for filing in a pointless suit and abusing the legal process. The court ruled that it’s not an offensive title to a caste system but just a geographical term used to refer to a specific area.

With that sorted out in no time, Kiran and Aamir can go back to enjoying the success of their film which is scheduled to release early next year.

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